Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mitsubishi Goes Electric


Above is a picture of the new Mitsubishi "i" MiEV, or Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle. This model is one of six new electric vehicles the automaker plans on introducing by 2015. Because of weak sales and concerns for government regulations on vehicle emissions, Mitsubishi has decided to focus more on hybrid and electric vehicles for the future. The company has developed three specific, measurable goals to be achieved by 2020:  Achieve a production volume at least 20% of which is comprised of EVs (electric vehicles), cut global lineup CO2 emissions by a weighted average of 50%, and reduce per-vehicle CO2 emissions during production by 20% over 2005 levels. This "green" strategy is the kind of leadership all CEOs should be involved in. Koichi Komatsu, the main person behind this strategy, is not only the CEO of Mitsubishi International Corporation, but is the Chief Sustainability Officer for Mitsubishi Corporation’s North American operations. Mr. Komatsu has shown a strong commitment to lead his company into a "green" future. This is the kind of commitment all auto industry leaders should be involved in. He is not just a manager because he produces order and consistency, but a leader because he produces change and movement. He is leading his company into the future of the automobile industry. He establishes direction in his company by creating a clear vision for the future. He has developed a strategy to become a "green" automaker by producing more hybrid and electric vehicles. In order to achieve this strategy, he has clarified specific goals and deadlines to his employees. These are the kinds of things which make him an effective leader.

What is your opinion on electric cars? Do you believe that Mitsubishi can reach its goals? Why will the electric car succeed today when it failed in the past? Do you believe Mr. Komatsu is leading his company in the right direction?

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Posted by: Jerret Baker


  1. It is definitely a no-brainer that electric cars are the wave of the future. They will help us cut down on fuel consumption from foreign countries along with CO2 emissions. It is important to have strong leaders, such as Komatsu, to pave the way for the rest of his contemporaries. Him, and many other leaders, have shared their vision of a green future and have proved to manufacturers that there is money to be made in green technology. If the global concern for this crisis is ever to be elevated to to the necessary level, it will have to start with the manufacturers who make our products. This, intuitively, will show people the importance of going green, and show that it is not a trend that will pass in time. The Green Movement is the only way to ensure the survival of this planet and its inhabitants, us. The technology behind electric cars has greatly developed in recent times and it is my opinion that electric cars will not only be a success, they will be the only cars we have.- Great Post!

    Jarett Diederich

  2. Electric car manufacturers need to begin preparing the public for the shift as soon as possible. The perception of electric cars are still that they cannot go very fast or very far, and they are sort of "uncool" to own as well. A vigorous marketing campaign appealing to young and middle aged adults should be a start, followed by extensive market research to determine when the market is ready to accept electric cars as the wave of the future. Once we are ready, flood the market.

    -Jonathan Lucento

  3. I think Mr. Komatsu is the right guy to be leading Mitsubishi. Your second to last sentence really sums up the kind of leader Komatsu is. He utilizes directive leadership from the path-goal theory. A directive leader gives subordinates instructions about their task and what's expected of them, how it is to be done, and the time line for when it should be completed.

    *~Steven Trilikis~*

  4. I absolutely believe that electric cars are the way of the future. When I apply leadership to this example, I think, "Who benefits from having an electric vehicle?" My first thought was that consumers benefit most from vehicles like this. Ultimately, they save us money from gas and offer opportunities to sustain our environment for the long term. This suggests to me that the leader behind this green initiative, is a leader that focuses on relationships vs tasks. Think about it, customer relationships would be developed and enhanced due to the way the vehicle would save us time and money. With that said, it becomes evident to me that Mr. Komatsu has the customer's needs in mind when making decisions on behalf of Mitsubishi.

    -Danny Mielneczek