Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CEO of Aston Martin leads by example

 Dr. Ulrich Bez, CEO of Aston Martin, is leading his company into the future the same way he's been leading his life, by being environmentally friendly. Dr. Bez says that he's been going green since he can remember. For example, his house is built from renewable material, and he doesn't let his car idle when it is stopped at traffic lights. As for his business, he has introduced a new model of car called the Cygnet. The Cygnet has a one-litre engine, and the lowest fuel consumption of any Aston Martin. However, he did scoff when he was asked about the idea of an electric Aston Martin. He stated that his current solution is an honest one. He said that if you're going to go green, you have to be honest about it. Electric cars have had a history of not being able to accelerate very quickly, nor have much horsepower, two specifications sports cars must have to sell. People don't buy Aston Martins because of their low gas millage and low emissions, they buy them to be fast and powerful. Dr. Bez is a great example of a leader who leads by example. Not only is he turning his company into an environmental friendly automaker, he lives his life that way. This shows people that he's not just going green for his company's public image, but he actually believes in what he's doing. Dr. Bez shows both position power (power a person derives from a particular rank in a formal organizational system) and personal power (the influence capacity a leader derives from being seen by followers as likable and knowledgeable). His position power comes from the legitimate power he has. He is the CEO of Aston Martin, and therefore has formal job authority. His personal power comes from the referent power he has. People like and admire a leader who leads by example.

Do you think turning a sports car, like an Aston Martin, into an environmentally friendly car is a smart idea?
Do you believe Aston Martin may one day produce an electric car?
Is Dr. Bez's leadership style a good fit for Aston Martin?

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